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    Things On Edge CRICKETv1.0 1 → 3.6V WiFi Module

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    Things On Edge
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    Discontinued product
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    Things On Edge
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    Product Details

    Cricket is the most power efficient WiFi module on the market. It can operate directly on AAA batteries for months and even years in many use cases. You can build various IOT devices within minutes as it doesn't require any coding and programming. Devices can be connected to WiFi networks and the Internet out of the box either from a phone or a laptop from any web browser. You can also integrate your devices easily to a huge IoT software ecosystem and internet services by using either MQTT or HTTP communication protocols.

    Making ultra low power IoT devices has never been more efficient before!

    Features of the Cricket

    Operating voltage range: 1V - 3.5V (can be directly powered on AAA batteries)

    0.5uA hardware deep sleep

    Battery monitor

    ∼3 seconds latency data transmission from a sensor to client devices

    Built-in temperature sensor

    Configurable via the local WiFi captive portal

    Configurable communication protocols: MQTT and HTTP

    Secure connectivity HTTPS

    Configurable 1x Analog and 3x Digital inputs

    FREE MQTT cloud service (optional)

    OTA firmware updates

    Configurable from a FREE remote cloud service (optional)

    You can also attach more advanced circuits and microcontrollers with extra logic to provide signals on Cricket's pins.

    What is Cricket for?

    Cricket is a "product ready", a small form factor, WiFi module offering endless possibilities in building fast IoT end nodes (sensors, buttons, switches). It has been designed with ease of use in mind, simply attach a battery + sensor and your device is ready to connect and transmit data. There is a wide range of peripherals and sensors you can attach directly to Cricket such as:

    ● Temperature sensor [external]
    ● Light sensor
    ● Accelerometer / Gyroscope
    ● Microphone (for noise detection)
    ● PIR / Motion sensor
    ● Magnetic switch
    ● Moisture sensor
    ● Button
    ● and many more

    You can also attach more advanced circuits and microcontrollers with extra logic to provide signals on Cricket's pins.

    Integration to 3rd party software and internet services

    Without writing a single line of code you can integrate your devices to a huge software ecosystem and internet services via MQTT and HTTP api. You can draw some awesome dashboards with graphs plotting data from your sensor devices; monitor battery level; build an alarm system; call your phone when some events occur; literally endless possibilities. Below are some, but not limited to, examples of systems which you can integrate your devices to:

    ● Automation systems such as: Home Assistant, Node-RED, Grafana, OpenHAB, Domoticz, Fhem, and many others.
    ● Internet services: IFTTT, Zapier, AdafruitIO, Thingspeak, etc.
    ● Mobile apps: Blynk, Pushsafer, IoT On/Off, MQTT Terminal, MQTT Dash, etc.

    The internet services' integration is powerful and enables your devices for example to send email(s), call your phone, log data to Google Spreadsheet, send push notifications, SMS, create a post on social media, you can do anything you like!

    What’s on-board?

    ● Processor: ESP8266EX
    ● WiFi: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n WPA / WPA2
    ● Distance range: up to 100 meters
    ● RTC: Built-in Real-Time Clock (0.5uA deep sleep)
    ● Built-in Temperature sensor
    ● Smart DC DC step up converter
    ● Operating Voltage: 1V∼3.5V
    ● Operating Temperature Range: -20°C∼80°C

    Need some inspiration for what you can do with the Cricket?

    ● Ring your phone or send notification when alarm goes off
    ● Send notification when someone is around your house (motion detection)
    ● Ring your phone when someone presses a doorbell button
    ● Report moisture level in a flower pot
    ● Report a local temperature information (garden / home / room)
    ● Report information about windows / doors
    ● Report noise detection
    ... there are endless applications for reporting various data and events from any remote sensory devices.


    Supply Voltage1 → 3.6V
    Dimensions16.4 x 37.2 x 4mm
    Discontinued product