RS PRO Type K Thermocouple 6.35mm Diameter → +200°C

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Legislation and Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
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RS Pro IEC Type J and Type K Thermocouple with Self Adhesive Copper Patch

From RS Pro IEC 584 standard Type J and Type K thermocouple temperature sensors designed for taking surface temperature measurements. The thermocouple lead has a durable Teflon PFA insulation and an ungrounded welded hot junction for a reduction in electrical interference. The end of the thermocouple lead is terminated with a 6.35 mm diameter self adhesive copper pad for attaching to a surface.

How does a Thermocouple Work?

A thermocouple is a sensor used to measure temperature in a range of different processes and consists of two wire legs made from different metals joined together at their two ends to form two junctions. The hot, or measuring junction is connected to the body whose temperature is going to be measured. The cold junction or reference junction is connected to a body of known temperature. When the measuring junction is placed on something hot a voltage or potential difference between this and the reference junction occurs. This voltage can then be converted into a temperature measurement using thermocouple reference tables. This process is also known as the Seebeck Effect

What is a Surface Thermocouple?

This thermocouple is designed for measuring the temperature on a surface. Most thermocouples have a sensing tip where there ends of the thermocouple wires are encased in sheaths or protection tubes which do not allow for measuring the temperature of a surface area. Surface temperature sensing thermocouples overcome this problem by having the sensing tip housed in a magnet or adhesive patch. The patch or magnet is then securely attached to the surface to be measured to provide a true surface contact. This affixing method allows these thermocouples to be used on many types of surfaces including uneven and circular surfaces. They are also simple to use and easy to replace and position.

Features and Benefits

• Conforms to IEC 584 standards
• Ungrounded hot junction for reduction in electrical intereference
• Self adhesive copper patch for accurate surface sensing
• Durable Teflon PFA insulated leads for resistance to oils, acid, fluids and good mechanical strength and flexibility


Both these surface mount thermocouple are ideal for use for permanent or temporary measurement in a range of applications including HVAC, air conditioning, plumbing and temperature mapping

Attribute Value
Thermocouple Type K
Probe Diameter 6.35mm
Probe Material Copper
Maximum Temperature Sensed +200°C
Termination Type Cable
Cable Length 1m
Standards Met RoHS Compliant
Response Time 0.7 s
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£ 10.10
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£ 12.12
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