Parallax Inc USB Development Kit 32900

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Propeller BoE Board

The Propeller Board of Education is ideal for learning the basics of electronics, programming and robotics. It also simplifies advanced applications that require RF-linked communication, audio/visual peripherals, and gigabytes of SD memory.

Propeller 8-core microcontroller, 64KB EEPROM and 5MHz crystal oscillator
Breadboard, sockets for power and I/O access and six servo ports with power-select jumpers
Automatically selects between USB and external power sources and provides USB over-current protection
Two external power options: 9V battery and center-positive 2.1mm power connector
Reset button and 3-position power switch
Mini stereo-audio jack, electret microphone and VGA port
MicroSD card and XBee wireless module sockets
Analogue header sockets provide three 10-bit inputs and two buffered variable-resolution outputs
2 x 20 header for connecting I/O pins to VGA, XBee, Propeller clock and reset, USB serial flow control and up to 10 LEDs
Indicator lights for system power, servo power, eight color-coded VGA channels, two analogue output level, XBee Tx/Rx and USB Tx/Rx
SEPIC 5V @ 3A switching regulator
Linear 3.3V @ 460mA regulator
Power requirements: 4 to 16VDC
Communication: USB for programming
Dimensions: 111.1 x 77.5 x 15.9mm
Operating temp range: 0 to +70°C

The Propeller™ 1 microprocessor chip makes it easy to rapidly develop embedded applications. Its eight 32-bit processors (COGs) can operate simultaneously, either independently or cooperatively, sharing common resources through a central hub. The developer has full control over how and when each cog is employed; there is no compiler-driven or operating system-driven splitting of tasks among multiple cogs. A shared system clock keeps each cog on the same time reference, allowing for true deterministic timing and synchronization. Two programming languages are available: the easy-to-learn high-level Spin, and Propeller Assembly which can execute at up to 160 MIPS (20 MIPS per COG).

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Classification Development Kit
Technology USB
Discontinued product