Parallax Inc IR Development Kit 40003

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Human Interface Board for QuickStart

The Propeller Human Interface Board brings advanced functionality to the QuickStart development platform. The Human Interface Board stacks directly on top of the QuickStart development platform, creating a minimal footprint for both boards.
With multiple audio and video outputs and keyboard or mouse inputs, as well as a microSD card socket, the Human Interface Board can add an interactive interface to any project. Where applicable, the Human Interface Board uses the same I/O pin assignments as the Propeller Demo Board peripherals.
Like the QuickStart development platform, the Human Interface Board is an open-source hardware design, so all design files—including layout, schematics, and firmware—are available under licenses that allow free distribution and reuse. The Human Interface Board's design can be incorporated into new applications royalty free and without a non-disclosure agreement.

MicroSD card socket on Propeller I/O pins P0-P3
Auxiliary I/O pin socket with access to Vdd, 3.3V and Vss
IR transmitter directly controlled by Propeller I/O pin P9
IR receiver with 38kHz demodulator output to Propeller I/O pin P9, active low
Filtered line-level stereo audio output from Propeller I/O pins P10 and P11 on a 3.5mm TRRS connector compatible with 3.5mm TRS headphone connectors
Filtered baseband line-level video output for NTSC or PAL signals from Propeller I/O pins P12-P15 on the same TRRS connector as the stereo audio
Buffered and filtered VGA output, from Propeller I/O pins P16-P23, resolutions up to 1900 x 1200
Buffered LEDs monitor Propeller I/O pins P16-P23
Dual PS/2 inputs: one connected to Propeller I/O pins P24 and P25 and the other to pins P26 and P27
2.1mm ID, 5.5 mm OD barrel-jack power connector
Power requirement: 3.0 to 3.6 or 6 to 12VDC, 55mA typical when idle
Communication: QuickStart header, VGA, PS/2, line-level A/V, 38kHz Infrared carrier
Operating temperature: -25 to +85°C
Dimensions: 51 x 81 x 23mm

Supplied with

4 x nylon pan-head M3 screws, 4 x nylon M3 hex standoffs, 4 x nylon M3 nuts

The Propeller™ 1 microprocessor chip makes it easy to rapidly develop embedded applications. Its eight 32-bit processors (COGs) can operate simultaneously, either independently or cooperatively, sharing common resources through a central hub. The developer has full control over how and when each cog is employed; there is no compiler-driven or operating system-driven splitting of tasks among multiple cogs. A shared system clock keeps each cog on the same time reference, allowing for true deterministic timing and synchronization. Two programming languages are available: the easy-to-learn high-level Spin, and Propeller Assembly which can execute at up to 160 MIPS (20 MIPS per COG).

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