Opaque Plastic Sheet, 600mm x 300mm x 3mm

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RS Pro Solid Plastic PTFE Sheets

From RS Pro a range of high-quality PTFE solid plastic sheets available in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

What are Solid Plastic Sheets?

Solid plastic sheets are sheets of strong durable plastic or plastic like materials which are cut to size and sold in a wide range of sizes and thickness. Solid plastic sheets, once purchased, can then be cut or machined into components for the fabrication of products for use in a wide range of industries. Different plastics have different properties which lend them for use in specific applications

What is PTFE Plastic?

PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene sometimes referred to as Teflon) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that has low strength and rigidity but a wealth of other unique properties that make it a high performance product. The main attributes of PTFE plastic are its high thermal stability, excellent chemical resistance and excellent sliding properties. Parts made of PTFE tend to generate lower friction and heat, which increases the life of the parts made from it and reduces maintenance costs. The very high sliding properties of PTFE mean that the surfaces can slide over each other with low friction resistance known as low coefficient of friction. This reduces wear and tear making this plastic ideal for use in component such as bearings

Features and Benefits

• Extremely high chemical resistance
• Hot water resistant
• High temperature performance a high melting point of -200 to +260°C, short-term up to 300°C
• Excellent sliding properties with low coefficient of friction
• Non-stick surface, no materials will stick to it. PTFE is also difficult to bond or weld
• High coefficient of thermal expansion (The ratio that a material expands in accordance with changes in temperature)
• Relatively low strength and rigidity
• Excellent UV and weather resistance
• Good electrical insulation properties
• Low dielectric constant
• Flame retardent and self-extinguishing V-0
• Gamma radiation sensitive
• Non-melting


PTFE plastic sheet due to its excellent sliding properties, high thermal stability and chemical resistance is suitable for use in a wide range of industries including transport and conveying, pump and instrument construction, electrical engineering, food processing and medical, aircraft and aerospace, laser technology and many others. Due to its unique properties PTFE plastic can be used in the fabrication of components for sliding applications that are subject to a high level of chemical stress. Components that can be manufactured from this plastic include the following:

• Slide bearings and runners
• Pump housings and parts
• Valve seats
• Tank linings
• Roller coverings
• Pipe linings
• Filter housings
• Etching plates
• High frequency insulation
• Seals

Questions and Answers

What tools can be used to cut this plastic sheet?
The choice of tools used to cut this plastic depend on the thickness of the sheet being cut. Thin sheets of plastic can be cut using a sharp utility knife. Thicker sheets can be cut using a range of different types of saw such as a fine toothed hand saw or hacksaw or an electric table saw, band saw, circular saw or jig saw. The teeth on the saw blade should be well sharpened and evenly spaced out with a uniform height and shape to avoid cracking or chipping the plastic. The friction caused by sawing can cause the blade to heat which can melt the plastic therefore using a ’no-melt’ blade is recommended. If using a regular blade, it is an idea to pause between cuts to allow the blade to cool.


DIN 53479; DIN 53736; ASTM-D 1929

Attribute Value
Form Solid
Colour Opaque
Length 600mm
Width 300mm
Thickness 3mm
Material PTFE
Density 2.18 to 2.21g/cm³
Tensile Strength 25 MPa
Flammability Rating UL 94 V-0
Water Absorption 0.3%
Maximum Operating Temperature +260°C
Elongation 50%
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