RS PRO RSMDO-2102EX Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, Digital Storage, 2 Channels, 100MHz, 120000 wfms/s

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RS PRO RSMDO-2000EX Series Mixed domain oscilloscope equipped with a Spectrum Analyzer, a Dual Channel 25MHz Arbritrary Waveform Generator & a Power Supply

Introducing the RSMDO-2000EX series of digital oscilloscopes from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO, a range of highly accurate MDO (mixed domain oscilloscopes) featuring a multitude of features essential for testing and measuring the bandwidth and waveform of electronic signals. The RSDM-2000EX series offers oscilloscopes in 100 and 200 MHz, with 2 or 4 channels available to accommodate a range of applications. Models with two analog channels provide 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate per channel; models with four analog channels provide 1GSa/s maximum real-time sampling rate.

Each oscilloscope in this series includes a built-in a spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, a 5,000 count DMM, and a 5V/1A power supply, with an 8” WVGA TFT LCD display allowing you to view results clearly in real-time. With the advanced technology behind the RSDM-2000 range, users can analyse the signal spectrum of interest. Compared with common oscilloscope' FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), the RSMDO-2000E series allows engineers to effectively conduct signal measurements on frequency domain with precision.

RSMDO-2000EX models are the only oscilloscopes to equip with a DMM (digital multimeter) and a power supply in the T&M industry, offering a truly powerful and unique device. The highly accurate DMM provides tests for ACV; DCV; ACA; DCA, resistance, diode and temperature and can strengthen DSO’s capabilities of voltage and current measurement accuracy. The MDO-2000EX series also provides a DC power supply with two independent and adjustable 5V/1A outputs, which can supply power for the development board and IoT (Internet of Things) module of the often used 8051/Arduino/ESP8266/MSP430 in Microprocessors and Microcontrollers experiment courses.

Features and benefits

• Equipped with DMM and Power Supply, offering a truly unique MDO
• Available with either 100 or 200 MHz bandwidth
• 2 channel and 4 channel models available
• 8 ” WVGA TFT LCD display allowing you to view results clearly
• Free frequency response analyser software
• High pass, low pass and band pass filter functions
• Update Rate up to 120,000 wfm/s
• Real-time sample rate per channel: 1GSa/s (2 Channel Models); maximum real-time sample rate: 1 GSa/s (4 Channel Models)
• Equips with a Spectrum Analyzer ; a Dual Channel 25 MHz AWG
• Maximum 1M FFT provides higher frequency domain resolution measurements
• 29,000 segmented memory sections and waveform search functions
• I2C/SPI/UART/CAN/LIN serial bus trigger and decoding functions
• Data log function allowing you to track signal changes up to 1000 Hours
• Mask test function & network storage function
• USB 2.0 High-speed host port x 1, USB 2.0 High-speed device port x 1
• Waveform update rate up to 120,000 wfms/s


Oscilloscopes are an essential tool for capturing, measuring and analysing electrical signals. They are used in a wide range of professions and applications such as:
• Electrical engineers
• Technicians
• Healthcare
• Physicists
• Automotive

What is the difference between a mixed signal oscilloscope and a mixed domain oscilloscope?

Although both mixed-signal oscilloscopes and mixed-domain oscilloscopes can carry out a range of tests and measurements of electrical signals, they both offer different features. For example, an MDO has the ability to display the same signal as time-synchronized, time-domain and frequency-domain traces at the same time, whilst an MSO displays a similar view of two different signals, usually from the same device.

Are there probes included?

The RS PRO RSMDO-2000EX series of oscilloscopes does not come with probes included, however, we do offer a wide range of high-quality and reliable oscilloscope probes from our own brand RS PRO.

Does it include a warranty?

The RS PRO RSMDO-2000EX series includes a 3 year warranty (excluding probes and LCD display panel).

RS Pro

Attribute Value
Number of Channels 2
Bandwidth 100MHz
Oscilloscope Type Digital Storage
Series RSMDO-2000EG
Power Source Mains
Interface CAN, IIC, LIN, RJ45, SPI, UART, USB
Display Type TFT LCD, WVGA
Waveform Refresh Rate 120000
Minimum Vertical Sensitivity 1mV/div
Maximum Vertical Sensitivity 10V/div
Minimum Time Base 1ns/div
Screen Size 8in
Sample Rate Random 1 Gsps
Model Number p RSMDO-2102EX
Rise Time 3.5ns
Safety Category CAT I 300 V
Vertical Resolution 8 bit
Safety Category Voltage 300V
Safety Category Level CAT I
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Price Each
£ 1,099.00
(exc. VAT)
£ 1,318.80
(inc. VAT)
Per unit
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