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Reach Robotics MekaMon Robot V2

From Reach Robotics, MekaMon is a fully programmable four-legged robot with lifelike movement, outstanding build quality and an expressive personality. MekaMon has been designed to entertain, inspire, and educate. Simply connect the MekaMon robot to your Android or Apple device to take control and start coding.

Using MekaMon with the ReachEdu App unlocks an unprecedented coding education experience. Beginning with the basics, MekaMon is designed to offer a comprehensive introduction to coding without the need for prior specialist knowledge. Coding on a real-world robot with a range of sensors and lifelike motion makes code tangible, teaching students of all ages through engaging, gamified learning while offering them the opportunity to explore and creatively experiment.

The MekaMon app unlocks a world of cutting edge augmented reality (AR) and multiplayer gameplay, plunging your MekaMon into intense virtual robot battles. You can explore the rich history of the MekaMon Universe and learn the unique lore behind the world of your robot.

Learn To Code With MekaMon

Anyone can learn to code with MekaMon. From learners just starting out with code to students looking to engage in more complex programming challenges, MekaMon brings new opportunities and inspiration through activities and challenges aligned with core computer science curricula. Students can engage with the fundamentals of coding practices while learning through play.

From Reach Robotics, the ReachEdu app features four learning tools that offer unprecedented flexibility in the classroom and beyond. Guided learning missions deliver a more structured educational experience aligned with core computing curricula while Free Drive, MekaDraw, MekaMotion and MekaCode each offer a unique approach to coding and wider application beyond computer science. Free Drive enables you to learn the fundamentals of robotic movement, before moving onto MekaDraw to discover programmatic thinking and MekaCode to begin programming with block-based code. MekaMotion can be used throughout your coding to create custom animations for use in your programs.

Free Drive: Control MekaMon freely, experimenting with its fluid movement and lifelike animations. From manoeuvring around obstacle courses to testing MekaMon on different terrain, Free Drive offers unparalleled flexibility in cross-curricular applications.

MekaDraw: Trace a line across the screen and MekaMon will follow. Add animations and head colour changes at different points on its journey to fully customise your robot’s journey across whatever obstacle course or terrain you can imagine.

MekaMotion: Code directly on the MekaMon robot. Move each of MekaMon’s limbs to build up a series of movements and create your own unique animation that can be used across MekaDraw and MekaCode/

MekaCode: Gain full control over your MekaMon robot by coding direct commands in Scratch-based block coding, building up your own programs and creating your own games.

Once learners have progressed through the inbuilt Scratch-based coding missions, the possibilities for application are endless. Take learning even further with Swift Playgrounds. Swift Playground bridges the gap between block-based coding and written coding. You can experiment with all of the MekaMon's features and functionality before moving towards Raspberry Pi hardware that can support the development of more advanced students and opens MekaMon up to new accessories and sensors.

Learn Through Play

Guided Missions are built directly into the ReachEdu app to introduce learners to the fundamentals of programming through a series of game-like objectives. Code your robot to survive on Mars, break into a secret cave entrance, or escape an erupting volcano through a series of exciting missions. These gamified missions provide complex problem-solving challenges through steady, achievable objectives with regular rewards. Learn everything you need to fulfil core coding curricula, from loops and variables to debugging processes all while putting your learning into practice in MekaCode. Every mission comes with a breakdown of the code and processes alongside a learning plan for educators. Teachers without specialist knowledge can run ReachEDU lessons with ease and confidence.

Missions are designed to take advantage of MekaMon’s unique personality, incorporating animations and lifelike motions to lower STEM anxiety and engage a wide range of students. Entertaining challenges and puzzles take you and your MekaMon sidekick through a series of tests, making learning to code fun, creative and rewarding.

Cutting Edge Augmented Reality Gameplay

Take a break from coding and start up the free MekaMon app to explore a world of cutting edge augmented reality (AR) gameplay. Command your MekaMon v2 through robot battles with virtual enemies in AR Skirmish, or play classic arcade experiences like Meteoroids, all with your physical MekaMon robot at the helm. Create your own AR battle arenas with AR Freeplay, manipulating everything from enemy attributes to gravity itself. Hone your battle skills and climb the global leaderboard to become the best MekaPilot in the world.

What's in the box?

• MekaMon Robot V2
• Battery charger and removable battery
• 4 x training shields and 2 x fury rifles
• Quick start guide


• Compatible with Android and iOS devices
• Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Connectivity
• 90 minute battery life on a 60 minute charge
• 48 hours standby time

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