RS PRO Brushless DC Motor, 24 V dc, 0.75 Nm, 4000 rpm, 5mm Shaft Diameter

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RS PRO Brushless DC Motor

From RS PRO, this brushless DC motor is ideal for a variety of applications. With a sturdy construction from high quality materials, the DC motor delivers efficient power and consistent torque output.
As the electric motor is brushless, it uses hall effect sensors to monitor the rotor position and control speed, ensuring greater reliability and efficiency.

Features and Benefits

• Hall effect sensors with 120° electrical angle
• 5mm Shaft Diameter
• Speed control feedback via hall sensors.
• Class B insulation
• Metal Core


DC geared motors are highly versatile, and are used in many appliances and technologies. Whether you're a hobbyist or industrial manufacturer, DC electric motors can be used to provide any number of practical solutions. Brushless Motors, or BLDC Motors, are used for high-performance and long-life applications, and are often found in;

• Washing Machines
• Vacuum Cleaners
• Air Conditioners
• Fans

What's the Difference Between Brushed and Brushless DC Motors?

While Brushless DC Motors are typically not as cheap or easy to install as a Brushed DC Motor, they are far better suited to long-life applications where reliability is key. As they use a magnetic field generated by fixed coils, a brush component is not needed. This means there is one less point of mechanical wear-and-tear and potential failure.
BLDC Motors also have the advantage of being more efficient, and far less noisy than their brushed equivalents.
Unfortunately, they cannot be simply and directly wired to a DC power source, and a BLDC will require a controller to and sensor (such as hall effect sensor) to run correctly. This extra complexity means the brushless DC motor is typically more expensive than its brushed counterpart.


RS PRO strives to provide you with the choice and reliability you need in your component purchasing. From designing prototypes to finding reliable maintenance solutions, RS PRO can furnish you with the parts you need, when you need them.

Providing high-quality hardware tested by our in-house experts, RS PRO offers you an assurance of quality at competitive prices.

At every stage of the design and manufacturing process, RS PRO is there to support you.

DC Brushless Motors

A range of Brushless DC Motors with integrated communication electronics.
Speed control feedback via hall sensors.

Attribute Value
Supply Voltage 24 V dc
DC Motor Type Brushless
Output Speed 4000 rpm
Shaft Diameter 5mm
Maximum Output Torque 0.75 Nm
Length 100mm
Width 42mm
Depth 42mm
Dimensions 100 x 42 x 42 mm
Current Rating 20 A
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Price Each
£ 64.66
(exc. VAT)
£ 77.59
(inc. VAT)
Per unit
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