RS PRO, 14W AC DC Adapter 1.5 to 12 V dc, 500 → 1000mA, 1 Output Linear Power Supply, Type G - British 3-Pin

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RS Pro Plug-in AC-DC adapter with Interchangeable Output Connectors, UK Plug

From RS Pro a high quality and versatile plug-in AC-DC adapter for converting AC mains current into DC voltage for a wide range of DC applications. This adapter has a 3 pin plug for use with UK mains power and features 7 selectable output voltages from 1.5 V DC to 12 V DC. These voltages are selected by turning a recessed rotary switch on the back of the adapter. This AC adapter is supplied with 8 different output connectors consisting of jack plugs and hollow barrel connectors that allow it to be used with a wide range of products.

What is a Plug-in AC-DC Adapter?

Plug in AC-DC adapters are also known as AC Adaptors or AC-DC converters and are a type of external power supply. Some electrical appliances require power but lack the internal components to derive the required voltage and power from mains power AC (alternating) current. This is where an adapter is required to convert the AC current into a usable DC current.

How Does an AC-DC Adapter Work?

The adapter consists of a power supply which is enclosed in a case similar to an AC plug, hence the term plug type, plug-in or plugtop power adapter. One end of the power supply is terminated by a DC power cable on the end of which you simply plug in one of the 8 DC connectors that is appropriate for your equipment. This DC connector is then plugged into the device which is being supplied. The power supply is plugged into the mains socket and the AC current is then converted by the adapter into a DC voltage that is fed into the appliance via the cable connection

Where are AC DC Adapters Used?

AC DC power adapters are used to power small or portable electronic devices. This AC adapter is ideal for use with the following applications:

• Computer peripherals
• Networking equipment
• Portable equipment
• Tablets and Laptops
• Smartphones
• Instrumentation
• Telecommunications equipment


For Industrial Use Only, not in scope of Regulation 2009/125.


EN61558-1, EN61558-2-6

Features and Benefits

This AC DC adapter has the following features and benefits:

• 7 x Selectable output voltage ranges from 1.5V to 12V DC
• 14 W power rating
• Supplied with 8 output connectors
• Class II double insulated
• Power LED indication
• Regulated - this means that the voltage output is controlled and maintained by a built-in regulator
• Thermal fuse protection
• 1.8 m cable length
• Reverse polarity coupling

Attribute Value
Type Linear Power Supply
Plug Type Type G - British 3-Pin
Output Voltage 1.5 V dc, 3 V dc, 4.5 V dc, 6 V dc, 7.5 V dc, 9 V dc, 12 V dc
Input Voltage 230V ac
Output Current 500 → 1000mA
Maximum Temperature +25°C
Output Connector Interchangeable
Input Connector UK Plug
Number of Outputs 1
Power Rating 14W
Regulated/Unregulated Regulated
Cable Length 1.8m
Width 56mm
Minimum Temperature 0°C
Depth 46mm
Length 92mm
Load Regulation ±10%
Discontinued product