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Take a look around our Festive Corner, play Santa's 'Jingle Parts' or Christmas Tree game. Also, check out our weekly quiz and sudoku puzzle.

Christmas Calendar

Check back each day to see what great things we've got behind each door of our advent calendar.

Christmas Games

Try out our RS 'Jingle Parts' Game and our RS 'Christmas Tree' Game

Christmas Calendar

RS Jingle Parts Game

Father Christmas is doing some part time work in the lead up to Christmas. Only problem is he needs to get all the orders packed away before he can go to Lapland and do his real job. Use the cursor keys to control Father Christmas and guide him around the warehouse. Help him pack as many RS Component orders as possible, use the space bar to collect your products.


RS Christmas Tree Game

We'd love for you to help the people at RS put up some Christmas trees, outside their office. The only problem is they can't work out how to get the power to the trees. Can you help work out the right combinations of RS products that will get the power from the RS office over to the trees? Use the cursor keys to place the products in the correct order.


  1. Who discovered 'Penicillin' in 1928?Answer:Alexander Fleming
  2. What is the brightest star in the night sky?Answer:Sirius (The Dog Star)
  3. What are the three main elements of a ‘Pina Colada’ cocktail? Answer:White Rum, Coconut and pineapple
  4. Name the club that has won the most European cups? Answer:Real Madrid, won 9 times, runner-up 3 times
  5. How many Oscars did slumdog millionaire win?Answer:8
  6. What is the capital of Peru? Answer:Lima
  7. Which country will hold the World Cup in 2014? Answer:Brazil
  8. In what year did ‘Radiospares’ and ‘Radionics’ change to become ‘RS’?Answer:2010
  9. How many hearts does an Octopus have?Answer:3
  10. Which vinegar is aged in wooden barrels?Answer:Balsamic