RS Components has partnered up with Golden Wonder and VEX Robotics to launch an exciting new online coding challenge!

RS Components, Golden Wonder, VEX Robotics and VEXcode are providing opportunities for students of all ages to participate in learning the code that makes robots work.

VEX Robotics make computer science and STEM come to life through collaborations, hands-on projects, and engaging experiences.From classrooms to competitions, VEXcode helps to create the next generation of innovators.

VEXcode VR lets you code a virtual robot using a block-based coding environment powered by Scratch Blocks or a Python text-based interface.
VEXcode VR is based on VEXcode, the same programming environment used for VEX 123, GO, IQ and V5 robots.
VEXcode VR is web-based with no installation required and will run on all major desktop, Chromebook and tablet browsers

The Challenge

Using either Scratch Blocks or Python, you are tasked to write code to make the virtual robots deliver ingredients to the production line in the simulated Golden Wonder Crisps factory.

The virtual robot is equipped with various sensors to help it navigate around the factory floor as well as being able to collect and release the various containers for the ingredients.

The challenge is open to students from age 8 to 16 and is split into three categories:

  • Key Stage 2 (aged 8 to 11)

  • Key Stage 3 (aged 11 to 14)

  • Key Stage 4 (aged 14 to 16)

Prizes are available for the winners and runners up in each of the age categories.

  1. Age between 8 and 11 (Primary School)

  2. Aged between 11 and 14 (Secondary School: Year 7 - Year 9)

  3. Aged between 14 ad 16 (Secondary School: Years 10 - 11)

There are two tasks to attempt for each age group.
You can use either Block Coding or Python to write your code (or for extra credit, try using both or just Python)

Click here to download the tasks to complete

VEX VR code python

The Scenario

The virtual Golden Wonder factory has three production lines – red, green and blue which each manufacture a different snack product.

The ingredients used in each snack are stored in a warehouse in red, green and blue containers. The containers of ingredients are delivered to the production line using an autonomous warehouse robot. Your job as the robot programmer is to is to program the warehouse robot to deliver the correct ingredients to the correct production line.



There is a winner and runner up prize in each category (3 winners and 3 runner ups).

Winners will be selected by our judges based on the most efficient and creative code used in the challenge.

Entries in the Key Stage 4 category will gain additional credit for using Python to write their code.

Winners will receive a – VEX Robotics Offroad Truck
This remote controlled vehicle kit is assembled from over 820 parts and once complete, can be controlled using the VEX Pilot app.

Each runner-up will receive a - VEX Robotics Gear Racer
Use this kit to experiment with how different gear ratios affect the speed and acceleration of a rubber band powered car


Getting started

VEXcode VR can be used in most major PC, Mac, Chromebook and tablet browsers. Navigate to to get started – no signup or login is required.

VEXcode VR Tutorials

The VEX Robotics YouTube Channel contains tutorial playlists for both the Blocks and Python versions of VEXcode VR to help you learn the basic of making your robot move, using various programming structures and using the magnet tool to collect and release bins.

How to enter

The challenge is open everyone aged between 8 and 16 years of age.

Enter by having your parent/guardian or teacher email your code to

  1. Head to this link ( to start writing your code

  2. Make sure you save your code. Go to the file menu and choose Save To Your Device. If you have created a Blocks program, your file will be saved with the extension .vrblocks and a Python program will have the extension .vrpython

  3. In the subject line of the email, include the child’s first name only and the year which they are in at school.(E.g: Alice - Year 6)

  4. Attach your VEXcode VR Blocks or Python program to the email

  5. Send to

Your email address will only be used to notify you if you have a winning entry.

Closing Date is Midnight Monday 31st August 2020

Good Luck!!

Please contact with any questions or queries you may have