Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of over 200 STEM Ambassadors come from locations around the UK and Ireland, are on hand to inspire and encourage students on their STEM journey, by hosting FREE engaging STEM workshops at schools and events.

In addition, our STEM Ambassadors come from a wide range of business backgrounds and are happy to provide careers advice, coaching and mentoring support.

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STEM Learning are UK's largest provider of education and careers support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)A successful collaboration between UK Government, employers, organisations and educational establishments to deliver positive STEM interactions for teachers, young people and beyond.

All Ambassadors undergo an Enhanced Disclosure check through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or PVG Scheme check (in Scotland) along with attending inductions and training.

Popular STEM Workshops

Alien Pop

This is a very open ended STEM Building challenge. Give students the constraints and then let them build!

Main Activity

Students are given materials to design a body for their Sphero robot to wear and use to pop balloons.

Activities Covered

Students are taught about the Engineering Design Process (design,build, test, evaluate and redesign if required)
Students are taught about material use and application
Students are encouraged to plan and design
Students are taught problem solving skills
Students work in a pair / team
Students are taught practical life skills
Students build confidence

Extension Task

Students do further research on a chosen object - what do you think was the engineering design process behind it?

Learning Aims

Students develop an understanding of how weight, balance and speed can impact an object.
Students will learn about material design and use.
Students learn programming basics using block coding.
Students learn more with regards to upcycling & sustainability

Age Suitability 7+

Alien Pop

Intro to Vac-Forming

The Mayku FormBox turns your classroom into a creative powerhouse.
Giving students a hands-on STEAM learning experience.

Main Activity

Students have a hands-on experience vacuum forming an object.

Activities Covered

Students are taught the types of plastics that are made and their properties
Students are taught how various plastic items are manufactured in the industry.
Students are taught how vacuum forming works.
Students are taught how the FormBox works
Students have hands-on experience vacuum forming an object using the FormBox.

Extension Task

Students can do a project on how vacuum forming is used in industry.
Design a vac-formed product, pitch its use for industry.

Learning Aims
Students receive a basic understanding of the different kinds of plastics and manufacturing methods associated with them.

Focus in on the vacuum forming process and how the FormBox works to change the properties of plastics

Ages: 8+

Sphero Bolt

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