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Make sure you're IoT ready with our range of Industrial IoT enabling solutions from IO-Link sensors, data cables and HMI displays to antennas and network testing equipment. RS PRO is here to support your IoT needs and help to improve your operational efficiency.

Featured products

Factory Automation Sensors

The enhanced RS PRO range of proximity sensors now includes embedded IO-Link variants which allow more data and easier setup.

IO-Link Sensors

Sensor Boxes

Find IP67 splitter boxes for M12 connectors, suitable for many industrial environments and compatible with all sensor brands

Sensor Boxes

Ethernet Connectivity

Ethernet is the backbone of most IoT solutions and the RS PRO series of switches & adaptors includes Gigabit speed options.

Ethernet Switches

HMI Displays

HMI displays in 5 sizes from 7.1in to 10.2in, featuring a colour TFT screen, embedded Ethernet, and powered by a Cortex A7 processor.

HMI Displays

Wireless Pressure Transducers

Safely monitor pressure across your entire plant - even in hazardous or inaccessible locations - with wireless pressure transducers.

Wireless Pressure Transducers

Network Test & Measurement

Make sure your network installation is working correctly and reliably with great value test & measurement equipment by RS PRO.

Network Test & Measurement
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IoT Solutions

Join RS PRO-BOT on a journey through our range of IoT enabling product and solutions, both in the home office and on the factory floor.

IIoT Range Guide

IIoT Range Guide
  • Over 8,400 IoT enabling & smart connectivity products to support you in cre
  • Embrace the IoT revolution for less with the help of RS PRO
  • Download and keep our digital guide for future reference

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