RS ConnectPoint™

RS ConnectPoint™ provides instant access to over 500,000 products and a range of services through a simple touch screen which can be located close to your work space.
Powered by Raspberry Pi, using single sign-on via a ConnectPass or pin number, users can access a variety of features including talking to a live chat agent, image recognition and easy ordering. It is ideal for manufacturing, building, maintenance and public sector environments such as universities, OEM production and processing plants where access to a PC terminal is limited.

RS ConnectPoint™ Features

Single Sign On Users simply scan their ConnectPass QR code or enter a pin to access the terminal and their account log in
RS Local Network Connect with your designated RS Local branch for tailored local support including part identification, Managed Inventory Services and Custom Order Solutions
PurchasingManager™ Simply complete the transaction within our system, providing control over purchasing limits & spend across multiple users
Live Chat Access support with an RS agent for help with orders, enquiries and technical advice
Image recognition Simply use the image recognition box to capture the product you want to identify and send to RS for instant identification

How RS ConnectPoint™ can make your working life easier

  • Solve procurement emergencies and reduce downtime
  • Get same-day access to thousands of products
  • Contact us via a terminal in your working environment
  • Order and collect within 15 minutes
  • Use pre-set purchasing limits to control spending
  • Ask us to identify products that you don’t recognise