Safety in the workplace is an area of priority for both employers and employees, but it is the legal duty of the employer to have the correct safety equipment and signage in place. Therefore, it is vital you take the time to review your site and the safety supplies that are available, to ensure that they’re suitable and compliant with any regulations. From fire alarms and extinguishers, first aid and signage, to spill control, floor coverings and traffic control; we can help provide the products you need, when you need them.

Range highlights from Site Safety

First Aid Kits

Every business needs one and we have a wide range whatever size your business which includes general purpose and industry specific variants.

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Eyewash Station

Wall mountable eyewash station containing two bottles of buffered solution which open automatically once twisted from the bracket.

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First Aid Equipment

From defibrillators and sharps boxes to stretchers and examination couches; we have a wide range of equipment for all your First Aid needs.

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COBAdot Anti-Slip Flooring

Manufactured from PVC to provide a hard wearing surface in industrial, commercial or leisure applications which is easy to clean.

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Floor Marking Tape

Quickly mark out walkways, loading, storage or other operational areas with this handy pack of colour coded durable vinyl tapes.

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Drain Covers

Resistant to most chemicals as well as fuels, solvents and oils, these covers are easy to clean and can be re-used.

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Social Distancing Aids

Help guide your staff and colleagues to remain 1, 1.5 or 2 metres apart using floor signs, mats and complete kits.

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Safety Signage

Commonly seen around the workplace, safety signs are not just about compliance; they’re about protecting your workforce and visitors.

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Exit Signage

Exit signage is vital to show people the best route to vacate an area in an emergency and come in a variety of styles and types.

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Speed Bumps

Traffic calming device used on roads, car parks, or anywhere that cars, motorcyclists and bikes travel to slow the speed of a vehicle.

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Portable Mobile Barrier

Wheeled barrier that is easy to transport and can be set straight, curved or in a circle for temporary marking of an area.

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Convex Mirrors

Range of mirrors which are ideal for safety or surveillance applications, as they are shaped to reflect a wider view of an area.

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Safety Barriers

Barriers prevent movement or restrict access to a potentially dangerous or restricted area ensuring the people in or around it are safe.

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Spill Kits

Emergency response kits allow fast action preventing damage to your premises, the environment and your reputation.

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Premium Absorbent Sheets

Offering up to 20% more absorbency than industrial alternatives, these are available for chemical, maintenance and oil spills.

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RS PRO Spill Trays

High-quality solution to liquid storage and spill containment, which is also UV resistant making the trays suitable for outdoor use.

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