There's no compromise when it comes to protecting your workforce.

Your priority is to ensure that the workplace, including equipment within it, are safe for you and your colleagues.
It’s not just about meeting the legal requirements. By being safety conscious and choosing the right solutions you can avoid accidents, which in turn has a positive impact on both productivity and morale. You can’t put a price on safety.

Here you’ll find handy guides, products, solutions and videos to help you stay safe.

Safety doesnt happen by accident
PPE Product Selector

PPE Product Selector

Click on the body area that needs protecting, to see the products and brands you can choose from to keep you and your workforce safe.

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Your Guide to Machine Safety

Your Guide to Machine Safety

Want to know more about machine safety? This guide takes you through why it's important and the regulations that keep your employees safe.

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NEW - A Digital Guide to Safety

NEW - A Digital Guide to Safety

Whatever type of business you're in, PPE & Site Safety should be at the heart of it. Take a look at our interactive guide to see how we can help protect you and your workforce.

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Key technologies to keep you safe

Buying safety products from multiple suppliers? With our wide range of products from leading brands you can consolidate your safety orders and save time.

Head Protection

This is vital for you and your employees and we have a wide range of types and styles from the leading brands to suit all your requirements.

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Eye Protection

Protecting your eyes is vitally important and we have a wide range of styles including ones with prescription to suit all your requirements.

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Ear Protection

From ear plugs with or without cord to ear defenders with or without communication we have the right solution for you.

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Respiratory Protection

From face covering and masks to filtering masks and breathing apparatus we can help keep you protected and fully compliant.

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Hand Protection

Whether you need disposable or reusable gloves, we have a wide range of styles & sizes to suit, with different types & levels of protection.

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From t-shirts and trousers to coat and hazardous coveralls, we can keep you covered whatever the weather or application.

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Foot Protection

Comfort as well as safety is a consideration when protecting your feet, as you can be on them all day, and we have lots to choose from,

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Fall Protection

Whether working at height or on the ground, you need to have the right equipment to keep you and the people below you safe.

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Site Safety

Whatever your traffic; we have signage, barriers, First Aid and spill control products to keep everyone safe in the workplace.

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Machine Safety & Warning

Machinery safety measures ensure operators stay protected while using machines. Find machine safety components and physical barriers here.

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Electrical Safety

Ensure all equipment and systems are fit for purpose and safe to use, and any maintenance is carried out with protective measures in place.

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Fire & Security

From smoke alarms and fire extinguishers to CCTV and access control systems we can help keep your buildings and personnel protected.

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Everyone Needs Personal Protective Equipment

It's the law! It also needs careful consideration to ensure you comply with the laws, and we can help you.

We work with the leading brands and have a wide range of PPE products and advice to get you what you need for the tasks you're doing.

Resources to help protect you

Learn all about Electrical Safety from the latest products to legislation in our complete guide; plus keep up to date on all safety products with our brochures and product selectors. We're here to help keep you informed.

Additional support to keep you safe

We want to help you reach your goals, that's why we're on hand with 24/7 support. From managing your stock and purchasing to downloadable datasheets and delivery options to suit your needs, we aim to offer you more.

Our leading safety partners

We partner with the leading brands and experts, to ensure you get peace of mind when it comes to your safety needs.