Working at height

When employees are working at height it can increase the risk of an incident to the public, your employees and your business. RS stock a range of tools to mitigate this risk and make working at height safer for all.

Work Safely at Heights

There is always a risk of falling tools when personnel are working at height. A dropped tool can have severe consequences for the individual and for the wider business. A fallen tool can result in a health and safety risk to those below, it can damage expensive equipment or even stop a production process. In all instances the tool has to be retrieved which takes time and inevitably has a significant impact on productivity.

Our introduction of the FACOM SLS, Safety Lock System range of tools ensures that we now offer a comprehensive range of over 200 tools and accessories which are specifically engineered for working at height.

About FACOM SLS Tools

FACOM SLS is a range of tools that are tailored specifically to the needs of engineers that regularly work at height installing and maintaining equipment. This range of tethered tools delivers all of the professional quality that you expect from FACOM from the tool right through to the locking system so that you can have absolute confidence that the system will not fail. FACOM check and test each tool individually using a tensile testing machine and a unit certificate is issued with a unique serial number which is engraved on the tool.

How the FACOM Safety Lock System Works

The SLS ring system slides along the wrench for optimum use
The SLS ring system is attached to the shaft of the screwdriver allowing the screwdriver to twist without twisting the lanyard
Handles of ratchets and torque wrenches are fitted with a shackle for easy fastening and high freedom of movement
The SLS ring system passes through the metal part of the pliers grips guaranteeing unequalled strength

See FACOM SLS in Action

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