The Silicon Valley 100

The Silicon Valley


We have analysed the top 100 founders of Silicon Valley to find out what it takes to be a successful company founder in the California Bay. From their gender to how old they were when they started up, we reveal the formula to becoming a Silicon Valley founder.

But do you have what it takes to make it big in the world’s most talked about technological hub?

Use the filters to explore the characteristics of Silicon Valley's top 100 founders

The Typical
Founder Formula

As it turns out, in order to make it as one of the top founders in California Bay you will need to fit in with the following characteristic:

  • Male
  • In your 40s
  • Working with a co-founder
  • Started up between the ages of 32-38
  • A degree from Stanford
  • Focusing hard on that one organisation

Do you fit the formula to be the next Silicon Valley founder or will you break the mould and change what it means to be a leader in this technological bay?

Methodology: Using Crunchbase we filtered the top 100 ranked founders from Silicon Valley and analysed their age, education and company history from various sources including Cruchbase, LinkedIn, Wikipedia and Google. Data was pulled in May 2018. Two founders/co-founders were excluded from the ‘Current Age’ and ‘Age company was founded’ sections due to lack of data. All data can be found here.