Conserve your energy!

Our energy efficient range helps you save on those building
maintenance essentials. Keeping it running for less.

Save Energy

Every business has good reasons to reduce energy consumption.

You might want to control costs, achieve sustainability targets,gain environmental accreditations or boost operational efficiency.

Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it - with the next generation of energy-efficient solutions.Our predictive search and technical support can help you to find the products you need faster. Saving time on product selection and helping you to deliver major reductions in consumption.

Sharpen your focus & Take action

For long term monitoring energy meters enable you to accurately quantify your usage in key operational areas. They can be easily retrofitted into control or distribution panels, and integrated into individual machines or even an entire production line.

For adhoc or flexible monitoring use portable test & measurement devices to pinpoint where you’re wasting energy within your business and across your operations.

Once you’ve identified potential efficiency gains, realise savings by installing low-power products and replacing legacy systems with energy-efficient solution

Retro-fit LED lamps can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%Energy awareness signage will remind staff to turn off equipment, lighting and heatingIntelligent power-down devices detect computers going into standby and switch off electricityTimers and occupancy/daylight sensors, ensure energy use only when it’s neededInfra-red heating systems and modern heating controls, low energy fans, and improved insulation materials offer significant energy savings.

Energy Saving Feature products

Save Time

Energy saving technology is improving every year. And today’s energy smart products don’t just save you money – they save you time too.

Many low energy solutions boast greater durability than traditional alternatives, so they require less maintenance and help minimise downtime. And with fast, easy installation, choosing the energy efficient option makes sense. From super efficient LED lighting, to intelligent timers, our huge range of energy efficient products can help you save time and hassle, and boost productivity.

Light Work

Switching to LED lighting can reduce your energy costs and help keep your operations running smoothly, giving you time for more important tasks.

LED lamps typically have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. Using lighting for 10 hours a day, 365 days a year, that’s a lifespan of more than 13 years. And with almost zero maintenance, you’ll have more time to focus on the task at hand.

Find problems faster

Our wide range of innovative test & measurement devices can quickly help you pinpoint where your building is losing heat through defective insulation, or identify which machines are draining power.

Save even more time with our calibration service on new test and measurement equipment, and use it straight out of the box.

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Save Money

Control your energy consumption and cut your costs

Lowering your energy consumption can deliver all kinds of benefits. Like ensuring compliance with environmental legislation, meeting emission targets, and reducing your carbon footprint. And perhaps most importantly, it can save you money.

With our continually updated range, you can get your hands on all the latest energy efficient products, including:

• LED lighting

• Energy measurement & metering devices

• Intelligent variable speed motors

• Energy saving heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC)

• Power saving IT accessories

• Energy awareness signage

Switch on to savings

When you switch to energy saving solutions, you’ll see the financial impact in your bottom line. And many products bring further advantages, like reduced maintenance requirements and increased lifespan - minimising downtime and lowering replacement costs.

Our RS Pro range can help you save even more, with a choice of products that offer the quality and performance you expect from a premium brand, without the premium cost. With a wide variety of energy efficient products available - including LED lighting and controls, electricity supply metering, timers, HVAC and test & measurement equipment - RS Pro offers you exceptional value for money, saving up to 30% compared to alternative brands.

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