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The Next Industrial Revolution with Molex

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Industry 4.0 with Molex

With the evolution of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), factories are transitioning to a more digitized and connected environment, where data from machines and equipment is continuously monitored to improve the manufacturing processes.

As more sensors are being installed, an increasing number of IP67-rated interconnections that can withstand harsh conditions of the factory floor are being deployed on machines. Molex’s Brad industrial connectors portfolio offers a great selection of M8 and M12 connectors that are standard for sensor and actuator manufacturers. The range includes products such as Nano-Change M8, Micro-Change M12 and more.

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Industry 4.0 Essentials From Molex

Brad Communications

Explore Ethernet & Industrial Circular connectors for communications & networking applications.

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Brad Micro-Change M12

Sealed, industry standard 12mm circular connector for enabling sensor/actuator connectivity.

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Brad Nano-Change M8

Compact 8mm connectors suitable for interconnecting sensors & actuators in very tight spaces.

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Brad Connectors & Cordsets

Brad Connectors & Cordsets featuring:

  • Low-resistance, Brad Mini-Change connectors
  • Brad M23 Power & Signal connectors
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Harsh-IO Modules

Brad Harsh-IO modules with IP-67 rating for connecting industrial controllers to I/O devices.

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USB Connectors & Cable Assy

Molex offers high speed & robust USB interface for I/O devices.

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Molex offers FFC/FPC connectors with assorted pitch sizes & actuator style options suitable for variety of needs.

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Both internal and external antenna modules are available including:

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee & WLAN
  • GNSS/GPS, ISM & more
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mPm DIN Valve Connectors

The Brad mPm range of DIN valve connectors with external thread offer exceptional cable retention & IP67-rated sealing.

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SlimStack B2B Connectors

SlimStack Board-to-Board connectors are ideal for compact designs with a selection of pitch size & narrow width options available.

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FCT D-Sub Connectors

Reliable and durable FCT D-Sub product family is ideal for applications that require connectors with high current-carrying capacity.

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Micro-Fit Connector System

Micro-Fit family of power connectors available in multiple circuit sizes & cable lengths for compact applications.

  • Up to 8.5A with a pitch size of 3mm.
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Mini-Fit Power Connectors

Includes the Mini-Fit Jr., Mini-Fit Plus, Mini-Fit Blind-Mate Interface (BMI) & Mini-Fit TPA2 Connector ranges.

  • Delivers up to 13.0A with a pitch size of 4.2mm
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Mega-Fit Power Connectors

Mega-Fit Power Connectors are fully protected header and receptible terminals

  • Supports up to 25A with a pitch size of 5.7mm
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Nano-Fit Power Connectors

Nano-Fit Power Connectors provide compact, fully protected header terminals in a small package.

  • Deliver up to 6.5A with 2.5mm pitch
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Ultra-Fit Power Connectors

Ultra-Fit power connectors features ultra low mating force ideal for high-circuit application.

  • Offers up to 14.0A with a 3.50mm pitch
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