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Automation plays an increasingly significant role in global industry as new processes are constantly evolving. Encompassing the use of sophisticated control systems and pioneering information technologies, automation is becoming ever more commonplace across a diverse range of industries – and the benefits are clear to see.

As a leading distributor, RS Components is by your side to help overcome any industrial automation challenges your business is currently facing. Our impressive product range includes everything you need for a comprehensive end-to-end industrial automation solution, covering many applications for a multitude of different sectors.

Explore our related product ranges or take a look at our in-depth guides, articles and more to kick-start your industrial automation journey.

Th Future of Automation

The Future of Automation

Explore the future of industrial automation in our guide detailing the different technologies and processes we may soon start to see.

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AI Innovators

Have you ever wondered which countries and companies that are leading the way in AI advancements? Our infographic reveals the top AI innovators.

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Can Process Automation Aid Remote Working?

Justin Borradaile, Senior VP of Global Shared Business Services, discusses process automation.

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Guides & Articles

We have a wide variety of comprehensive guides and articles detailing some of our key industrial automation product ranges. From exciting and innovative cutting-edge technologies like 3D printers and robotics through to everyday automation essentials, our guides cover everything you need to know about these core components.

Check out our product guides below for more information or take a look at our insightful infographic to learn more about the quantum computing revolution.