The Value of a Top Tech CEO

Recent findings from FTSE 100 show that the median pay for a chief executive salary is £3.46 million a year. However, that is still a far cry from the CEO paychecks of Silicon Valley. According to reports, Silicon Valley's highest-paying tech companies boast salaries ranging from $133,000 to a huge $171,000 - so it will come as little surprise that some of the world’s most famous tech CEOs have inflated salaries to match. Apple CEO Tim Cook’s compensation rose 22% to $15.7 billion last year, thanks to cash incentives tied to Apple’s sales, whereas Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella received $42.9 million in total pay in the company's 2019 fiscal year — that's up about 65% from the year before.

Everybody knows that these big tech CEOs receive amply pay, but which companies are getting the best value for money? We've taken a look at the value each company has gained or lost during their CEO's tenure to find out.

The Value of a Top Tech CEO

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IBM's CEO Ginni Rometty was paid $17.5m last year, but this was dramatically lower than it could have been as she made the decision to downgrade her final incentive score and the board agreed. This could be seen as a wise move considering the company has lost value since her tenure began. Other losses come from Panasonic and Dell.

But what is clear from our findings is that despite companies gains and losses, CEOs own huge portions of their company’s stock, so they’re making plenty of money either way, regardless of whether the company has gained or lost value during their tenure.