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According to recent articles, young people are pushing for more life skills to be taught in school. Institutions are looking at how the gap between education and employment can be bridged through the subjects and skills taught at school, to ensure that students are well equipped for the working world and into higher education. Some are calling for skills, such as public speaking and how to communicate effectively, as some examples of the gaps in the current curriculum.

Homeschooling and remote learning over the past few months due to the pandemic, has also made parents more aware of the importance of what their children are learning and of the current curriculum that is being taught at schools, as well as identifying different knowledge and skills that their children need or they feel should be educated on.
With many questioning whether there are skills they will require in later life - such as better financial understanding - people are looking at the skills they wish they had learned during their school years.

To find out more, we surveyed 2,000 people in the UK to see what they believe to be the most important subjects currently taught at school and what they wished they’d learnt.
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With English the most popular subject taught at schools, followed by Maths, these are two of the subjects that are used most in everyday life. Yet when it comes to the skills people wish they’d been taught, it was money management, first aid, and nutrition that came out on top - all skills that come in handy day-to-day. What else would you like to have been taught at school?

All data is available on request.