Green Energy Patents

Have you ever wondered which companies are the most focused on green energy advancements?

We’ve taken a look at over 6000 green patent applications from 1905 to 2020, containing the word ‘renewable energy’, to find out which companies are applying for the most green energy patents.

Take a look at the graphics below that reveal the companies applying for the most patents and leading the way in green energy advancements.
green energy patents gif

From the data in the graphics above we can see that Mitubishi is the company leading the way with 123 green energy patent applications. Coming second from the top is the General Electric Company who have submitted a total of 83 green energy patents and third place goes to Siemens, who have applied for 71 patents. 2012 was the year that saw a huge spike in the number of patent applications with 667 applications being made in that year alone.