Entrepreneurship on the Rise:

Where are all the New Business Owners?

Entrepreneurial activity is flourishing. Countries all around the world are working towards developing their entrepreneurial activity. In some countries, entrepreneurs may be seen are highly educated individuals choosing an aspirational path, whereas in others, they are entrepreneurs of necessity because there are no other jobs.

When unemployment is high and the economy is weaker, people start small businesses to provide for themselves and their families. But whatever the reason, entrepreneurs are contributing to the development and well-being of their societies at many levels. Great entrepreneurs have the ability to change the way we live and work. If successful, their innovations may improve standards of living, and in addition to creating wealth with entrepreneurial ventures, they also create jobs and contribute to a growing economy.

We’ve taken a look at the European countries leading the way in entrepreneurship. The rankings are based on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report, which reveals the countries with the highest percentage of new entrepreneurs and business owners. So if you’re thinking about starting your own business, here is a good place to start!

Entrepreneurship on the Rise: Where are all the New Business Owners?

Starting a successful business can be hard. Not only do you need to work hard to see your vision through, to take on multiple roles and to take risks, but you also need a country that supports your business ambitions. You need to have the right sort of support around you, which can help you overcome tough times and thrive during the good ones. Most people live their whole lives in the country they were born so it’s easy to see why most business people base their operations in their home countries. But there are good reasons to look around the world and see if your business might be better located somewhere else.

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