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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicted, in their Aerospace forecast last year, that there were 1.25 million drones in the world, stating that 900,000 owners had already registered with the FAA by September 2018.

But who is behind the commercial use and production of drones and how much funding do they receive? We’ve taken a look at the overall landscape of drones around the world, in a detailed report.

Using Crunchbase data we have shown where the drone HQs are, which drone companies are making the headlines, the most well-funded drone companies as well as people’s opinions on drones in everyday life.
An interactive graphic that displays the drone capitals of the world.
The US is leading the way in funding, with the top six most well-funded drone companies being from the US and a further seven in the top 20, whilst China has four companies in the top 20.

So what will the future of drone usage look like in 10 years time?

You can view the data set in full here.