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Siemens Sitop

SITOP Power Supply and SCALANCE Network Components: Reliable – Secure – Efficient

To ensure the performance of your production, you must rely on the reliability, security, and efficiency of your power supply and communication network. With SITOP power supplies and SCALANCE network components, you can depend on plant security and data protection and benefit from high efficiency throughout – from engineering to operation.

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SITOP. The power supply portfolio for every application

SITOP - the heart of automation® - gets plants running worldwide and keeps them moving reliably: Our power supplies are known worldwide for their high reliability as well as for coping with critical network conditions.

Industrial networks with Industrial Ethernet switches

Industrial networks can be setup everywhere with Industrial Ethernet switches: small, redundant, or large networks - even under extreme conditions. Have a look for yourself!

What makes the performance unique?

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Reliable protection:

For excellent performance, actors on the stage are comprehensively protected. And so the SITOP and SCALANCE components provide reliable failure protection through redundancy, all-round protection and robustness for increased plant availability.

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Secure interaction:

Clear communication on the stage brings safety. The SCALANCE network components allow protected data transmission for industrial networks at all levels.

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Efficient implementation:

Every move before and during the perfomance is right. Likewise, the SITOP and SCALANCE components enable efficient handling from assembly to operation for high productivity.

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