Omron total safety solution

Omron provide the complete safety solution, combining physical access monitoring with optical protection, and emergency stop devices allowing you to engineer a complete safety solution for your machine. All these elements can be monitored by a choice of safety relay or programmable safety controller, either of which can be integrated into you machine control system with ease.


Safety Light Curtains

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Light curtains detect workers entering hazardous machine areas and also stop machines before injury can occur and are commonly chosen where mechanical guarding is impractical because of the frequent access needed during the normal operation of the machine.More about Safety Light Curtains


Door Safety Switches

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Even with fully automated machinery, operator and maintenance access is always required at some level, so monitoring and controlling the access points of machinery is vital to achieving safe machine operation. A wide range of contact, non-contact and inter-locking door switches are available to suit all applications.More about Door Safety Switches


Emergency Stop Switches

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Machines must be fitted with one or more emergency stop devices to enable danger to be averted (according to EN ISO 13850). The most common form is a manual pushbutton assembly, which an operator strikes in an emergency, or by a rope pull switches, which provides the Emergency Stop function along the whole rope span.More about Emergency Stop Switches


Safety Relays and Programmable Controllers

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Hardwired safety systems configured with safety relays are ideally suited to controlling individual safety functions, however when building a complete safety system comprising of multiple safety functions, the use of a programmable safety controller, offers a flexible alternative to hard wired systemsMore about Safety Relays and Programmable Controllers


Safety Limit Switches

The Omron series of limit switches, are available in plastic or metal housing, along with a wide range of actuators, including lever, roller plunger, and whisker type, depending upon the application.


Safety Laser Scanner

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The Omron OS32C is one of the world's smallest laser scanner, which can be used in a number of applications including intrusion detection, which is a flexible alternative to safety light guards or for presence detection within a machines hazardous area (floor scanning).More about Safety Laser Scanner