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Cardiff Racing is a close knit team of enthusiasts formed each year by fourth year engineering students and willing team members from other years. Their task is to design and build this year's single seater racing car, known as CR11, capable of out-performing others at Silverstone's international Formula Student UK event.

Latest News from the team

Report from Silverstone

July 2015

Silverstone is over and our final result is... 36th! That's 13th highest UK place. Maybe not the result we wanted but had we not suffered electronic gremlins we would have finished much higher.

That said, not a bad result and higher than some of the best teams in the world. Now FS Czech Republic beckons so there's time to get the car working and set up well.

A big thanks to all our sponsors for your support this year. We aim to deliver in Europe so the story is not over. We are Cardiff Racing and we'll be back!

Testing and production continues

March 2015

Chassis development continues as new material monocoque test pieces undergo crash tests and nose cone construction gets underway.

Other new parts of the car continue to be produced – from wheel nuts to pedal box - and the rear space frame is nearly ready for powder coating.

Twist and shout!

February 2015

Torsion testing for cars CR10 and CR07 on the purpose built torsion rig shows encouraging results – although data to determine torsional stiffness of the cars is still to be fully analysed Watch this space for more.

How they did last year   [TOP]

In a blistering performance at last year's Formula Student UK event, CR10, the team's tenth car, achieved 3rd fastest in the UK and 9th overall, setting them in great stead for ongoing development, and a newly revised CR11, this season.

Such an impressive performance earned Cardiff Racing a welcome financial reward as well as racing admiration. An award of £3,000 from Cardiff IMechE will go some way towards improving reliability and performance of the new CR11 design, as well as funding development to overcome this season's key challenges.

Challenges and ambitions for 2015   [TOP]

As the top performing team last year without an aerodynamics package Cardiff Racing now believe further performance improvements will be won by investing time in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and the trialling of different wing designs – despite new rules around aerodynamic devices. So for the first time the team is divided into 4 groups, adding an aerodynamics team to the mix.

Wings and associated aerodynamics benefits are currently up for debate amongst the team. Full data and cost benefit analysis will take place before any decision to go ahead with or without. The question “Are wings worth it” is yet to be answered.

Keeping an eye to the future, the team's team desire to investigate new construction materials has led to a new carbon-fibre composite chassis construction for CR11. More details on its development follow below, with fresh updates posted regularly.

Carbon composite chassis

Faster performance in motor racing is synonymous with low weight. Cardiff Racing this year are taking up the challenge to develop a new chassis which includes carbon fibre. The aluminium honeycomb design so far used to great effect for its resistance to torsional and impact loading, and lightness, can be improved further, the team believes.

Retaining the honeycomb construction but replacing the surface material with a blend of aluminium and carbon fibre will produce an aluminium-carbon hybrid with less thickness and lower weight. Testing of the new material is to begin soon but the biggest challenge for the team will be to reduce weight as much as possible with no compromise on safety – or the budget!

Click here to see examples of some of the RS products used by the Teams.

Meet the team   [TOP]

Willing team members are, this year, a large number of enthusiastic volunteers representing various disciplines and with a range of experiences. Engineering skills are clearly key to project success. Equally vital expertise in areas such as marketing help the team achieve the objectives they pursue so passionately.

Photo gallery   [TOP]

The 10th car from Cardiff University and top vehicle without any form of aerodynamics package, last year's CR10 enjoyed a great year throughout and enjoyed a number of highlights. Some of these are shown below.