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    Digital Letters

    Digital Letters

    How to use a digital letter to provide us with information about your account.

    Quick Steps

    Step 1 – Click on the link contained in email we have sent you. This will take you to your invoices that we would like an update on.

    Step 2 – Select the “Respond” button

    Step 3 – Select the invoice that you want to respond to

    Step 4 – Select from the drop-down box the response you want to give

    Step 5 – Provide any additional information in the free text field

    Step 6 – If you wish to provide an update on another invoice click on “Continue”. Otherwise click on “End”

    Step 7 – Click on “Modify” if you want to change your response

    Step 8 – Click on “Confirm”

    Step 9 – Click on “End”. You will receive a message to confirm we have received your update

    Still need help?

    If you need any help with completing a digital letter, please call 01536 444414.

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