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    MDO34 3-BW500

    Bench Oscilloscope



    Arbitrary Function Generator



    All 3 Series Serial Options & Power Analysis



    Logic Analyser



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    MDO3 Bundle


    MDO-3: Bench Oscilloscope, complete with pre-installed software (3-AFG, 3-MSO, 3-BND)

    With the largest display in class, improved low-level signal measurement accuracy and industry-leading probe performance, the 3 Series MDO sets a new standard for bench oscilloscopes. Whether you’re testing your baseband design for IoT or just for simple EMI sniffing, the 3 Series has a unique true hardware spectrum analyser built right in with superior RF test performance and guaranteed RF specifications.

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    3-AFG: Arbitrary Function Generator

    The 3 Series MDO contains an optional integrated arbitrary function generator (option 3-AFG), perfect for simulating sensor signals within ade sign or adding noise to signals to perform margin testing. The integrated function generator provides output of predefined waveforms up to 50 MHz for sine, square, pulse, ramp/triangle, DC, noise, sin(x)/x (Sinc), Gaussian, Lorentz, exponential rise/fall, Haversine and cardiac.


    3-MSO: Logic Analyser

    The logic analyser (option 3-MSO) provides 16 digital channels which are tightly integrated into the oscilloscope's user interface. This simplifies operation and makes it possible to solve mixed-signal issues easily.


    3-BND: All 3 Series serial options & power analysis

    This comprehensive suite provides a wide range of tools including: Power analysis, Serial Protocol Triggering and Analysis.

    • Serial triggering
    • Bus Display
    • Bus Decoding
    • Event Table
    • Search (Serial Triggering)
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