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    Your Smart Choice for Planned Maintenance

    Your Smart Choice for Planned Maintenance

    RS PRO, the own brand of RS, offers a wide range of quality products across all industries.

    Get maximum uptime with RS PRO's new range expansion!

    We know that maximising uptime and minimising downtime is always high on the priority list for your business. With our extended range we can meet all your maintenance needs, enabling you to prioritise your processes.

    Make RS PRO your choice for Planned Maintenance

    Energy Meters

    Keep your production line under control and prevent power losses with a reliable selection of Energy Meters, by RS PRO.

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    A brand-new range of Miniature Circuit Breakers to protect your electrical installations from overloads and short circuits.

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    Hand Protection

    Your hands are the most important tool in maintenance - our huge selection of work gloves will keep them safe.

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    Site Safety

    From safety barriers to spill control, and from fire safety to safety flooring. Everything you need for secure maintenance.

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    A game of scanning

    Smart glasses at hand, scanning the production line for possible failures is a doddle for the RS PRO-BOT.

    What is to be replaced?

    Our 3 pillars: quality, choice and value

    3 Pillars of quality

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    Take a closer look at what makes RS PRO the smart choice for you.