Gas Welding Torches & Accessories

Gas Welding Torches

Gas Welding Torches allow the cutting and welding of metals by concentrating fuel gases into a concentrated flame. In welding, the torch is used to weld two pieces of metal by heating their adjoining edges until they are a shared pool of molten metal. In cutting, the torch is used to heat metal to its kindling point, cutting through and melting the area to slag.
Different types of gasses can be used with welding torches, such as butane and propane, which can be used for brazing, silver solder, cutting and heating.
The RS Range of gas welding torches and accessories has solutions to match your cutting or welding requirements. There are hoses, spark lighters and nozzles ideal for precision applications, and regulators for oxygen and nitrogen gas applications.
Health and Safety
The accessory range includes safe guards and flashback arrestors, but don’t forget to make sure that you have the appropriate protective wear. RS also supplies, gloves, welding helmets and shields and protective wear to suit your needs.
Gas Refills
RS also supplies appropriate refills for propane and butane gas torches.

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RS Stock No. 409-4740
Mfr. Part No.11188340
Hot Air Nozzle Portasol Pro II Gas Iron
RS Stock No. 409-4734
Mfr. Part No.11188350
Hot Knife Portasol Pro II Gas Iron
RS Stock No. 409-4756
Mfr. Part No.11188360
Blow Torch Nozzle Portasol Pro II Gas Iron