What is solder?Solder is a metal alloy with a low melting temperature point. It is used to permanently join two metals with a higher melting point. Soldering is a process commonly used in the electronics industry for PCBs, jewellery manufacturing and pipework in plumbing.Solder is to be used alongside a soldering iron for hand soldering. What forms of solder are there? The majority of solder comes in wire form. There are a range of wire diameters available to suit various applications and joints. Solder granules are ideal for soldering machines and tinning crucibles. They are small pellets of solder popular for jewellery making too. Paste solder is ideal for use in printed circuit boards (PCBs) and connecting surface mount electronic components. It is a sticky paste which is applied to a board by printing or painting. What metal is used in solder?Solder is made using a mixture of metals. A popular combination is 60/40 solder; 60% tin and 40% lead. There are other %s of tin and lead available too. Silver is also used in solder for higher temperatures to create stronger joints, also known as silver soldering, hard soldering or silver brazing.

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Description Price Model Number Wire Diameter Percent Lead Product Form Melting Point Percent Silver Percent Tin Flux Type Product Weight Flux Content Percent Percent Copper
RS Stock No. 273-255
Mfr. Part No.YC00220
YC00220 0.80mm 0% Wire +227°C - 99.25% Rosin Based 13g 2.5% 0.75%