Band Saw Blades

Band saw blades are a continuous loop of metal with cutting teeth on one edge.
How do they work?
When installed into a band saw, the loop is held taut between two or more spinning wheels creating a vertical cutting blade. The length of the blade must match the diameter of the loop of the band saw wheels as there is no way to adjust its length.
Teeth per Inch
The number of teeth per inch (TPI) varies from 6 to 24. Blades with less TPI will cut faster, however, resulting in the cut will be rougher.
NOTE: At least 2 teeth must be in contact with the workpiece to avoid stripping off teeth.
Cutting material such as:
• Non- ferrous metals
• Mild Steel
• Cast Steel
• Cast Iron
• Stainless Steel

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Description Price Blade Length Blade Thickness Blade Width Number of Teeth per Inch Tooth Pattern Blade Material Bimetal
RS Stock No. 764-6375
Mfr. Part No.2608661781
40 mm 1.8mm 65 mm - Regular BIM -