Pipe Freezing Kits

Pipe freezing can be a fast, clean and efficient method of carrying out plumbing repairs and piping alterations without having to isolate or drain an entire water piping system.

Pipe freezing can be carried out on copper tube and other metallic and plastic piping systems to facilitate extensions to pipework. You can find these in washing machines and dishwashers or central heating repairs and maintenance. Pipe freezing can also be done on either small or large tubes.

How does Pipe Freezing work?

Pipe freezing uses the evaporation of an elusive fluid to get rid of the heat that is coming from a pipe to form an ice plug inside the pipe.

There are two types of pipe freezing kit:

  1. You can use an aerosol spray to form this ice plug. When using an aerosol or freezing spray the evaporation occurs from the elusive fluid directly into the atmosphere inside an insulated jacket, which you can find placed around the pipe.

  2. Another type of pipe freezing kit is a refrigeration machine. When using this freezing method refrigeration machine keeps elusive fluid within a closed circuit so that it is not lost during the freezing process.

How to check that an ice plug has been formed?

With water pipes, you can experience that the water is still running. Therefore to achieve the creation of ice plug the water must be cold or stationery. To do that use a digital temperature probe in the pipe-freezing machine so you can measure the temperature of the water. Then you can carry out the freezing process of the pipe.

When using an aerosol spray a small quantity of aerosol can be sprayed directly onto the pipe immediately next to the freeze jacket so ice plug can be formed.

Which method is the best?

Both methods are effective. The aerosol spray method usually forms the ice plug faster, however, due to the loss of elusive fluid while carrying out the freezing process, this could be a costly method.

The pipe-freezing machine, on the other hand, has a higher initial purchase cost but low running costs and, provided the electricity supply to the machine is not interrupted, the ice plug can be maintained more or less indefinitely.

There is another factor which you need to consider and that is accessibility. As mentioned earlier while using aerosol freezer you need to be able to fit the insulation jacket all around the pipe before you carry out the freezing procedure. It can be difficult sometimes where the pipes are installed tight against the wall surface. Freezer heads used with a pipe freezing machine are specially shaped to fit on to one side of the pipe and can be used even when the pipe is tight against the wall.

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