A hacksaw is a fine-toothed hand saw that is capable of cutting steel and other metals with the minimum effort. Most hacksaws feature a tubular C-shaped frame that holds a blade under tension so that more pressure can be applied when cutting. Hacksaws have an ergonomic handle that is usually shaped in a pistol grip with pins for attaching a disposable hacksaw blade and the frames allow for adjustment to accommodate blades on different sides of the frame for added versatility and functionality. When cutting through thicker materials, the blade can get damaged or break. With most hacksaws, blunt blades can easily be replaced by adjusting the pins on the frame to put a new, sharp blade on.

What types of hacksaws are there?

  • Full-sized hacksaw – This type saw can cut through a range of materials with relative ease and minimal effort and it can be adjusted with the type of blade installed (12, 18, 24 or 32 teeth per inch or TPI)
  • Junior hacksaw – This type of saw is used for more precise cutting applications that require a neater finish and is much smaller than a standard hacksaw. This is an ideal saw for small cutting jobs when space is limited and can also fit into a toolbox without taking up too much space
  • Features of a hacksaw

  • They often feature a lightweight metal frame generally made from aluminium or tubular steel frame
  • Blades are often made from HSS (High-Speed Steel) for optimum cutting capability and precision finishing
  • They provide an efficient and economical way of cutting materials with relatively low effort and the maintenance and replacement blade costs are low
  • Most are adjustable to fit different sized blades for different applications like sawing pipes, plastic or metal sheeting

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    Description Price Handle Type Blade Included Blade Length Positions Number of Positions Height Safe Number of Teeth per Inch Weight Blade Material
    RS Stock No. 443-4148
    Mfr. Part No.98 90 S
    Un-Insulated Yes 150 mm - - - - - -
    RS Stock No. 444-0014
    Mfr. Part No.98 90
    Insulated Yes 150 mm - - - 25 170g -