Trimming & Safety Knife Blades

What are Trimming & Safety Blades?

Trimming and Safety Blades are an essential tool used in a wide range of industries and can be used in a number of tasks, from cutting through shrink wrap to cutting and trimming carpet. We offer a range of Trimming & Safety Blades that accommodate light duty right through to heavy duty. Trimming knives and safety blades have a superior edge hardening for longer tool life and sharper edge, meaning they last longer and reduce the risk of injury from changing exposed blades. Many safety and cutting knives also come with a dispenser that includes a blade snapper, allowing blade segments to be safely removed and stored. 

How do they work?

After selecting the correct utility blade and knife for the job at hand, the necessary cuts in the material can be made safely using a free hand method or a guide. 

What are the key features?

• Various cuts and shapes can be achieved

• A large range of blade replacements available including fixed and snap off

• Sharp and reliable blades

• Precise and clean cuts

• No engineering experience needed

• Easy to use

What different types are there?

• Precision, for easy cutting and finer detail

• Retractable knife, featuring a blade that can retract to allow safe storage and maintain the durability 

• Light duty - Medium duty - Heavy duty, depending on the material being cut

• Snap Off Blade, to allow a sharp edge blade to always be at hand and reduce risk of injury 

Which application would you use them?


• Automotive 

• Carpet fitting

• Craftwork

• Workshops

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RS Stock No. 283-8188
Mfr. Part No.23
1 Box of 5
Precision Cutting Precision Knife 1 5
RS Stock No. 283-4344
Mfr. Part No.17
1 Box of 5
Precision Cutting Precision Knife 1 5