Rivet Guns

A rivet gun, also known as a pneumatic hammer, is a tool used to drive rivets. The rivet gun is pushed on to the pin of the rivet, as the gun is operated the pin head is pulled into the rivet and the end of the rivet is expanded. The pin breaks off leaving the rivet permanently fixed in position holding the two pieces of material together.
Rivet Gun Types
Rivet guns vary in size and shape and have a variety of handles and grips.
Pneumatic rivet guns - Regulated air passes through a throttle valve which is typically controlled by a trigger in the hand grip. When the trigger is squeezed, the throttle valve opens, allowing the pressurized air to flow into the piston. The provides a higher amount of force to the rivet reducing risk of damage and creating uniformity in the positioning and depth of the rivets.
Slow-hitting gun - For use on hard rivets, slow-hitting rivet guns deliver repeated blows to the rivet as long as the trigger is compressed. Averaging approximately 2,500 bpm (blows per minute) offering increased control, accuracy and less kick than guns that deliver a single blow.
Fast-hitting gun – These operate in a similar way to the slow-hitting versions, but at a higher rate of speed. The faster blows are less intense than the slower blows, making this type of gun more appropriate for rivets made of softer materials.

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Description Price Length Weight Maximum Rivet Size Air Inlet BSP Model Number
RS Stock No. 739-8427
175mm 1.6kg 3/16 in 1/4in APT690
RS Stock No. 876-6531
Mfr. Part No.2681
285mm 740g 4.8 mm - 2681
RS Stock No. 763-0790
Mfr. Part No.BP125
290mm 2kg 6.4 mm - BP125
RS Stock No. 468-3564
Mfr. Part No.580-701
- - 4.8 mm - -
RS Stock No. 181-2923
Mfr. Part No.TAR 641895
273mm 2.1kg 6.4 mm mm 1/4 BSPF TAR 641895
RS Stock No. 181-2922
Mfr. Part No.TAR 481220
273mm 1.5kg 4.8 mm mm 1/4 BSPF TAR 481220
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