Workshop Inspection & Accessories

Inspection tools and accessories are an important aspect of test and measurement, and are vital for helping to identify whether work equipment can be operated, adjusted and maintained safely.

There’s a wide choice of workshop inspection tools and products available in our range, including endoscope and fibrescope accessories, inspection cameras and mirrors, plus lots more.

Our extensive collection offers you products from industry-leading brands including Fluke, ROCOL, Facom, Bahco and our high-quality own brand RS PRO.

What are the different types of inspection equipment?

  • Inspection cameras and mirrors – these are used to investigate areas which are otherwise inaccessible. Attached to a flexible cable, they give visibility of hard-to-reach places, with cameras transmitting a video feed to provide a real-time view. They’re ideal for pipework, machinery or even medical applications.
  • Marking and layout inks – used with hard surfaces such as metal or glass, they mark out parts for machining or pre-manufacturing. Machinists, maintenance mechanics and sheet metal workers often use these inks for patterning, tool and dye making.
  • Leak detector spray – this non-corrosive substance is used with pipework that carries gas. It’s generally used by heating engineers or those registered as gas safe to identify potentially dangerous leaks in pipework, valves and other fittings. The spray can be used to trace leaks for various gases such as natural gas, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
  • Parallel testers – these offer a faster method of testing, with two or more parts that can check multiple components in one application, to save time on running tests sequentially.
  • Hardness testers – these evaluate a material’s properties to determine whether a material or material treatment is suitable for the intended purpose, by measuring the effect on the surface from a localised indenter.
  • Surface testers – this type of tester quickly and accurately determines the surface texture or roughness of a material.
  • Flaw detection spray – this provides a fast way to detect cracks or flaws which can’t be seen by the naked eye. They’re ideal for inspecting welds, castings and forgings.
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