Rotational Measurement

We offer a range of equipment used for rotational measurement, namely stroboscopes, tachometers and a wide range of accessories. Brands featured include Fluke, RS PRO, Wachendorff, Amprobe, Anders Electronics, Chauvin Arnoux, Compact, SKF, Tektronix, Testo and Trumpeter – to name a few.

Types of rotational measurement equipment available

  • Tachometers – These are used to measure the rotational speed of an object, such as a shaft in an engine for a motor, conveyors or other machinery. They tend to measure revolutions per minute (RPM), displayed via an analogue dial or digital display. There are normally two types of tachometer: 

    • Contact: these operate by having direct contact with the shaft or disc through a free spinning wheel, creating pulses which are then converted into RPM.

    • Non-contact: these use an optical source to measure the rotational speed, usually a laser of infrared light and requires no direct contact with the shaft. The tachometer measures the rate at which the light pulses are reflected back, which are converted into RPM.

  • Tachometer accessories – There are various accessories available for tachometers including reflective tape, cones, wheels, adapters, rubber tips, remote probes and measuring funnels.

  • Stroboscope - Also known as a strobe, a stroboscope measures the rotational speed of an object by emitting a series of brief, intense flashing lights at specific intervals to create a stop motion effect on a moving part. Measuring the RPM involves matching the rate of the flashing light to the rotational rate of the object being tested, converting the number of flashes into RPM.

  • Stroboscope accessories – Accessories for Stroboscopes include replacement lamps, battery charger, strobe controllers, extension cables, tripod, mounting kit and articulating arm.

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