Liquid Analysis

We stock a comprehensive range of professional liquid analysis equipment, ranging from hydrometers and conductivity meters to refractometers and water pH analysis kits. Our leading brands include respected manufacturers like Hanna Instruments, Brannan, Georg Fischer, Jumo, and RS Pro.

What are the best uses of different liquid analysis tools?

  • Conductivity meters are commonly used for hydroponics, aquaculture and freshwater systems in agricultural, wastewater management and water conditioning applications.
    • They measure the level of electrical conductivity in a solution to indicate the quantities of nutrients, salts or impurities it contains. The closer a solution gets to distilled water (i.e. extremely pure), the lower its electrical conductivity rating.
    • Conductivity meters work by dropping a small two-electrodes probe into the solution, passing a small current from one to the other, and measuring the percentage of current transferred through the liquid medium.

  • Hydrometers are most often used in laboratory and testing/conditioning applications.
    • They work using a floating weighted bulb attached to a glass tube (rather like a (similar to laboratory cylinder).
    • The device takes a density/specific gravity reading from the solution at the point where it breaks the surface.

  • pH meters (or potentiometric pH meters) are used in a wide range of industries and applications, from food production and laboratory experiments to municipal water calibration and harsh environment testing.
    • They use electrodes to measure the hydrogen-ion level in water-based solutions, indicating the acidity or alkalinity of the liquid via transferred voltage.
    • They’re available in various formats, including pocket testers, portable pH meters, bench meters and test kits.

  • Refractometers (handheld/digital) are used across the food, agricultural, chemical, and manufacturing industries.
    • They measure the concentration levels of aqueous solutions.
    • They do this by analysing the angle of light refraction through a few drops of liquid, and plotting it on a refractive index.
We also sell a full range of pH/water analysis strips, kits and calibration solutions, as well as electrodes and other water meter accessories.
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