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    Light Meters

    Light meters, sometimes referred to as lux meters, are instruments that measure light levels or light pollution. You can find out more in our guide to light meters.

    How is light measured?

    Light can be measured in different ways with different light measurement instruments:

    • Photometer – measures visible light or light intensity. Light intensity can also be measured in two different ways; one way is by using a luminance meter which measures the visible energy output of a light source, or another method is by using an illuminance meter that measures the visible energy falling on an object's surface
    • Integrating sphere - collects electromagnetic radiation from a source completely external to the optical device
    • Spectrometer – uses the light, breaks it into its spectral components and creates a digital signal in wavelength form
    • Light Meter – measures light levels and is the most commonly used piece of equipment

    Light meters usually return measurements in Lux (in Europe), foot-candles (in the US), or both. Typical models are handheld and feature an integrated light sensor or a sensor connected by a lead.

    What are light meters and LUX meters used for?

    Light meters are frequently used in workplaces, schools, hospitals and public places to test if there is an appropriate amount of light within the environment. This is particularly pertinent in the workplace, as there is a responsibility that employees work in an environment with suitable lighting.

    They are also a key piece of light measurement equipment when it comes to working in photography, especially when using a camera in a studio, or in ambient light. A handheld light meter is often used to determine the proper exposure for a photograph.

    Budget light meters can help to perform quick checks on light intensity where more advanced models have monitoring functionality as well as the ability to record, store and transfer data.

    Key Benefits of a Light Meter and a LUX Meter:

    • Portable and sometimes pocket-sized, they are a useful piece of equipment to have for any light measuring applications
    • A meter that offers accuracy in measurement
    • Easy to read displays with real-time results

    Light Meters can help support a healthy building by improving Lighting

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