Video, Data & Voice Wiring Testers

Video, data and voice wiring testers are essential pieces of equipment used by technicians and engineers in a range of applications that require installation and maintenance, installation and testing of networks and cables. There a various types of equipment available suited to various maintenance and installation applications such as network cable testers, tone generators, tracers and more.

Video, data, voice wiring and network testers are ideal for carrying out a range of tasks including cable continuity, open circuit, short circuit, distance to fault, PoE detection (power over ethernet) and much more.

What is a cable continuity test?

A cable continuity test is an essential process in ensuring that an electric circuit is complete and a current flow is achievable. Cable continuity tests are vital in troubleshooting and testing networks, helping to identify any breakages in the circuit. We offer a wide range of professional and high quality testers suitable for carrying out a continuity test.

What types of wires and connectors can be tested?

When carrying out network installations and maintenance, a wide range of connectors and wires may be involved including LAN, RJ45, RJ11, Coaxial, STP, UTP, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a.

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Description Price Model Number Cable Type Test Type Maximum Cable Length Tone Maximum Number of Cables Data Storage Display Type Power Source Battery Type Battery Life Dimensions Weight Height
RS Stock No. 438-4740
Mfr. Part No.33-864
- - - - Yes - - - Battery 9 V 50 h 2337 x 660 x 30.5mm 141g 30.5mm
RS Stock No. 328-7856
Mfr. Part No.62-200
- Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6, RG59 Cable Continuity, Miswire, Open Circuit, Short Circuit 600ft Yes - - - Battery AA - 3-1/4 x 2 x 1-1/4in 90.7g 1-1/4in