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    Thermocouple Data Loggers

    Thermocouple data loggers measures and records the temperature data points from the thermocouple effect. Thermocouple loggers with the correct probes can record and measure surface temperatures, for example within food processing applications where a surface is too hot to work. Some data loggers is that they are available as single and complex multi-channel versions depending on your requirements.

    Thermocouple data loggers with a temperature probe can monitor and record how cold and hot specific surfaces can get in order to action if things change. With our popular RS PRO range of thermocouple data loggers, they can connect via a USB, or be completely wireless through Bluetooth or WiFi.

    Why choose RS for Thermocouple Data Loggers?

    RS has a fantastic range of thermocouple data loggers from some leading brands such as Lascar, Testo, Corintech, Pico Technology and our very own brand RS PRO. The availability of having a calibrated thermocouple data loggers which will ensure high levels of accuracy and precision of temperatures.

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