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    Slide Switches

    Slide switches are used to control current flow in a circuit, and typically use a mechanical slider to switch a current on and off, by sliding between an open and closed state. Well suited for controlling current flow in smaller circuits, it is very common to see slide switches used as a primary power switch in small, battery operated electrical devices.

    Though they behave very similarly to push button switches, slide switches have a more obvious tactile shape, which allows the user to more confidentially differentiate between on and off states.

    The RS Range of slide switches accommodates voltage ratings between 4 v dc and 400 V ac, with contact resistances ranging from 10 milliohms to 10 ohms.

    Slide Switch Operations

    Typically slide switches are used for simple on-off applications, sliding between Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) but other switch functions are available in the RS Range. These include:

    • Maintained: A maintained switch operation ensures that a switch is physically kept in an actuated position. This is great for set it and leave it applications such as turning a device on and off.
    • Break Before Make (BBM): This configuration ensures that contact in the switch is broken before a new connection path is made, and is usually preferred in power applications.
    • Make Before Break (MBB): This configuration ensures that a new connection path is established before the previous connection is broken. This means the centre contact of a switch is momentarily connected to both contacts, ensuring there is no interruption of power, which is useful when continuous operation is vital.

    Slide Switch Mounting Types

    Slide switches are designed to be compatible with a variety of circuit set ups. Whether though hole, or panel mount, or direct to printed circuit boards, there is a mounting solution to suit your application. Slide switches may come as snap in components, for easy of mounting, or with screw hole options for when further rigidity is preferred.

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