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    Allen Bradley Safety Switches

    Allen Bradley non-contact safety switches are very long lasting and require minimal maintenance, with shock and vibration resistance, as well as being tamper-proof to a relaible degree. Allen Bradley non-contact safety switches may operate using different methods, including by magnet, transponder or inductor. They can also differ in terms of their terminal type, connection type, and crucially, the distance at which the switch will be operated.

    Allen Bradley are well know in many industries for their machine safety range of products, and are mainstay in automation and control applications. From every aspect of machine processes, Allen Bradley provide safe, reliable components that put the safety of the operator first. Efficiency and safety are at the heart of Allen Bradleys offer, with high quality and reliable parts to suit the most demanding industries.

    Allen Bradley combine with RS Components customer first attitude to get you the parts you need in the timeframe you need them. For a service you can trust.

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