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Foot Switches & Accessories

We offer a range of foot switches from leading brands such as Altech, Bernstein AG, Herga, Marquardt, RS PRO, Schneider Electric and Steute.

What types of foot switches are available?

Foot switches, also known as foot pedals, are used in applications where hands-free control is more practical or safer. They’re often fitted on large industrial machinery or on a production line that starts and stops processes, as well as dentist chairs and tattoo machines.

Different types of foot switches are available depending on the type of application they’re used for, with the more robust type being used in Industrial environments. There are a variety of operating mechanisms, or switch operations, with two of the most common being:

  • Maintained/Latching - this type of foot switch is activated when pressure is applied and remains in the contact position until it’s pressed again.
  • Momentary – this type of foot switch requires continuous contact to operate and resets once pressure is removed.

The majority come with guard covers and have varying cable lengths, colours and contact configurations to suit your needs.

Foot Switch Accessories

We also have a number of accessories to complement the foot switches, including:

  • Foot switch actuators – these actuators move compressed air down the air tubing, which expands a bellows in the switch to operate the electrical contacts. This creates a sealed unit which is very suitable for wet environments or where arcing could occur e.g. garages, laboratories, hazardous gas areas.
  • Foot switch bellows – a selection of foot switches from our high quality own brand RS PRO.
  • Foot switch contact block – for use with a 1 step or 2 step foot switch from leading brand Schneider Electric.
  • Foot switch guard covers – available in a variety of sizes, supplied by RS PRO and Schneider Electric.

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