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    Reed Switch Magnets

    Reed switch magnets are magnets used in conjunction with reed switches. A reed switch is an electrical switch that is activated by the presence or absence of a magnetic field. It consists of two thin, ferromagnetic metal reeds sealed in a glass tube with an inert gas, such as nitrogen.

    When a magnet is brought close to the reed switch, the magnetic field causes the reeds to attract and make contact, closing the electrical circuit. Conversely, when the magnet is moved away, the magnetic field diminishes, causing the reeds to separate and open the circuit.

    Reed switches are commonly used in various applications where proximity sensing or position detection is required. Reed switch magnets are typically small and cylindrical in shape, although they can come in different sizes and configurations depending on the specific application. They are made from materials with strong magnetic properties, such as neodymium or ferrite, to provide an adequate magnetic field to activate the reed switch.

    What are the benefits of reed switch magnets?

    • Sensitivity: Reed switches are highly sensitive to magnetic fields, and reed switch magnets provide the necessary magnetic field strength to activate the switch reliably.
    • Reliability: Reed switch magnets offer a reliable method of actuating reed switches. They have a long operating life, are typically rated for millions of switching cycles, and are resistant to mechanical wear and tear.
    • Compactness: They are usually small and compact, making them suitable for applications with limited space.
    • Compactness: Reed switch magnets are usually small and compact, making them suitable for applications with limited space.
    • Wide operating temperature range: Reed switch magnets can operate effectively in a wide temperature range, typically from below-freezing to elevated temperatures.


    • Security systems
    • Proximity sensors
    • Flow sensors
    • Automotive applications
    • Medical devices
    • Consumer electronics
    • HVAC systems
    • Magnetic door switches
    • Reed relays
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