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    Security Signs

    Security signs are used across a multitude of public and private spaces to communicate the presence of any security devices or surveillance systems in place on the premises, such as closed circuit television or CCTV. They can be displayed as a useful deterrent in order to help prevent crime by highlighting that there is increased security on site, but are also important in terms of GDPR and personal security, by making even lawful visitors aware that their movements will be monitored. With several million CCTV cameras installed in the UK alone, these security signs are becoming more commonplace features of public and private spaces.

    Who uses security signs?

    Apart from businesses and establishments that have to make all customers and employees aware that their movements will be monitored, security signs can also be seen on personal properties such as homes and garages. A significant number of homeowners choose to install video surveillance systems such as CCTV on their homes for safety and insurance purposes, and may choose to display CCTV signs as a warning for any trespassers or potential thieves.

    While video surveillance signs are typically the recognisable yellow and black CCTV signs, our range of security labels and signs are available in different sizes, styles and languages to best suit your premises. As these signs are most commonly intended for outdoor use, they are typically made from plastics such as polypropylene or vinyl in order to protect them from environmental factors such as low temperatures or extreme weather conditions.

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